Anti-slip mat MAGIC SCRATCH.
Like a nobly polished metal surface.

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Anti-slip mat MAGIC PEARL.
Haptically stunning.

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Cutlery insert system VISIO.
Modernity and integration..

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Cutlery insert system CONCEPT.
High quality filigree.

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Recyclables separation system CASE SELECT.
Optimal use of space and variety.

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There's no such thing as can't.
Convincing customer solutions.

Development partner for challenging plastic projects.

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Do you have an idea of your own? Our developers can provide you with comprehensive advice on product design, optimum materials and efficient production methods so that you get a clear-cut and economically viable concept from your idea.

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Injection moulding

With modern injection moulding machinery, the injection moulding of thermoplastics constitutes the core of in-house production – made extremely economical on account of the high volumes produced.

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Thermoforming or vacuum forming has emerged as an economical and effective processing method, which logically complements injection moulding and extrusion.



In particular, extrusion of hollow-section profiles made from environmentally friendly polystyrene is a characteristic ELCO specialty.